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Dressing for your body shape and style is one of the smartest fashion decisions you’ll ever make. There are several ways to go about dressing for your body that will help make any outfit look better than ever before… here are some pointers:

1. Wear clothes that highlight your favorite features

Everyone has a favorite feature or body part that they love to focus on when they dress up! Whether that’s your waist, butt, shoulders, arms, or legs, there is definitely something that stands out to you—so work that! No matter what your favorite feature is, you can find clothing that helps you show it off. Dresses and tops that are cinched at the waist will show it off, while straighter cuts and flared styles will help hide it and cover up your belly.

If you love showing off your arms, a sexy sleeveless top or halter neck dress is perfect for you. It’s all about finding clothes that appeal to you!

2. Balance out proportions with cuts and fits

Another great tip to swear by is when you’re picking out clothing items, try to balance out your proportions with different cuts and fits. This works to keep you looking proportionate and well-balanced if that’s what you prefer.

For instance, wearing a flowy top with printed capris or high-waisted palazzos with a fitted t-shirt can work to keep your proportions in check, depending on your specific body type. If you pair both tops and bottoms that are tight or loose, you run the risk of wearing an unflattering, ill-fitting outfit.

A woman poses in a figure-flattering tunic that drapes her body well.

3. Continue using prints to highlight and conceal

When we talk about highlighting and concealing, prints are going to be your best friends. Bright prints, patterns, and designs are just what you need to show off what you got! Prints can easily be a visual guide or a concealer when you need them to be, so it really depends on you. Floral prints, bright colors, and abstract patterns are great for all body types, while linear prints work well for leaner bodies. Finding what works for you is key.

Dressing for your body isn’t as hard as it seems. Just remember the tips above and pick out styles that align with them—you’ll look incredible in no time!

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