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4 Tips on Dressing Up for a 4th of July Cookout

A mother and daughter in matching 4th of July themed dresses.

Who’s looking forward to the 4th of July? We know we are! All the fireworks, music, BBQs and cookouts, dancing, and just an all-around great time with friends and family. It’s the perfect time to celebrate and head to as many cookouts as we can, especially after a year of being at home and missing out on all the most amazing celebrations in 2020.

That’s why we’re bringing you tons of exciting new clothes, including dresses, tops, tunics, and much more, through our amazing online store, that you can style in the following ways:

1.     Wear light and breezy fabrics for your cookout

Summertime means you’ll want to wear the lightest, most comfortable, and breathable fabrics around. You want to steer clear of stuffy fabrics like wool and polyester because they absorb sweat and aren’t comfortable, and instead wear cotton, summery linens, knitted fabrics, and others like them.

2.     You can never go wrong with dresses

Dresses are the perfect summer BBQ look, whether you prefer maxis, mid-length dresses, or shorter lengths. They’re easy to wear and even easier to style because you can pair your favorite footwear and accessories without much thought and effort! Our knit and nylon dresses are also wrinkle-free, so you won’t have to worry about crinkles and folds either.

A woman posing in a casual, boho-inspired embroidered dress.

3.     Accessorize with summer-friendly items

Since we’re on the subject of accessories, every 4th of July look needs them too! Whether you get festive with your flag-themed add-ons or want to bring in some of that red, white, and blue, accessories bring your whole outfit to life! Pair sunglasses, light scarves, hats, and other fun, sun-proof accessories to really make your look complete.

4.     Pair bright tops with shorts, skirts, and pants

Another great look for your cookout is to pair a bright top with pants, shorts, or a skirt. Since BBQs tend to be busy and you’ll be on your feet a lot, playing games, setting the table, maybe flipping burgers, or just hanging out, pants that are comfortable should be your priority. We recommend checking out some of our palazzos and leggings, such as these special 4th of July-themed pants for maximum comfort.


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