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Shopping before a vacation is almost as exciting as going on the vacation itself—isn’t it? You’d be missing out if you didn’t plan all your outfits and get excited about the prospect of wearing new outfits and feeling amazing in them!


Here are some tips and tricks to help you shop and prepare for your vacation looks, and get the most out of them:

1.     Take a long hard look at the things you already have

This is the first step before a pre-trip shopping spree. Closely look at the things you already have and what you need before you max out your credit card.

Do you need more dresses or tops? Or do you need more pants and bottoms? Look at how you can make what you own work and how new items you buy will work with those things.


2.     Set a budget for yourself before you shop

Having a budget is what’s going to keep your impulses in check—hopefully. Don’t go overboard and be realistic. After all, your trip will last a few days at most, so you shouldn’t compromise on your actual needs for it. A budget will also push you to prioritize the things you need rather than going by sheer impulse.

A person wearing a fun printed top with starfish and aquatic patterns during a vacation.

3.     Focus on quality over quantity—and look for staples

Quality over quantity always. Rather than buying ten poor-quality blouses, two great quality, long-lasting pieces will be the better choice. Focus on a few staple pieces such as basic tees, blouses, dresses, or pants that you love instead of getting everything in sight. Think about it like this: how many ways can that item be styled? Will I wear this after my vacation? Check out these staples that Vogue loves in 2021.

4.     Don’t forget about essentials and accessories as well

Don’t leave out essentials like masks and bags—the pandemic is still not over, and if you’re traveling, precaution is still very necessary. Luckily for you, we have amazing printed masks and a tote bag that you can also get for free with orders over $200!


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