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Plain t-shirts are a wardrobe staple, and there are fun ways to spruce up your look for the summer. You can shop for a range of staple plain t-shirts from our online store, choosing from a wide range of styles, lengths, and various fits and sizes, and style them in the following ways:


1.     Pair a plain tank top with a printed skirt

Mini-skirts are back with a bang, and they’re perfect with plain tank tops and t-shirts! Choose a plain or printed skirt, and you have the perfect look to go. It’s a great option for running errands, hitting the beach, or as a laid-back summer look, and super easy to throw together.


2.     Wear loose t-shirts with printed leggings

Looser tops and t-shirts go exceptionally well with printed leggings and pants that are fitted well. This helps balance out proportions and keeps your outfit from being too over-the-top as well. You’ll love walking out in this easy-breezy ensemble which can easily be dressed up and down.

A plain tank top paired with a brightly printed skirt and a pink hat.

3.     Wear a t-shirt under your printed dress

Sometimes a boring old dress can be spruced up with a simple t-shirt. Wear it under your dress or over it, and you have a 90s inspired look! Pair it with sneakers, and you’ll look like the hottest babe on the block.


A t-shirt under a dress is also a great hack for modest dressing and feeling more comfortable in your outfits.


4.     T-shirt and your favorite jeans are perfect

The simplest thing you can do is wearing a plain t-shirt with your favorite jeans. Pull out mom jeans, bell-bottoms, cuffed jeans, or even skinnies with a plain colored tee can make up the perfect outfit for a day out. Pair this look with some cool shoes, a hat, belt, or some minimalist jewelry and ta-da!


Get your hands on t-shirts and tops from our store and put together the most fun summer outfits for the summer. We’ve got the best collection of plain t-shirts and printed clothing items for you to wear.


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