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Let us start off by saying congratulations on this exciting new chapter of your life!

Being pregnant is no walk in the park—it’s beautiful and draining and takes a lot out of you. In that, the last thing you want to do is wear uncomfortable, tight-fitting clothes or poorly designed maternity wear that makes you look frumpy and feel uncomfortable about going out.

Pregnancy fashion isn’t as easy as it seems, and any pregnant woman can testify. Things are itchy, tight, uncomfortable, and all you want to do is lay down and put your feet up. And for some reason, the comfiest clothes also seem to be the ugliest—so it’s a difficult choice to make. Are you going to look stylish but feel uncomfortable, or will you look drab but be at ease?

Don’t lose hope just yet! There are some ways that you can make sure your outfit looks incredible, especially with a few essentials that are going to get you through these tough few months and last you for years after. Whether it’s the type of fabric, the cut, or fit, there’s a lot to choose from when it comes to the right maternity fashion.

Here’s the ultimate style guide for an easy-breezy variety of pregnancy and maternity friendly outfits:

1. Choose flowy fabrics to keep you cool

Flowy fabrics like cotton, chiffons, and even knit and nylon are perfect for keeping you cool during the summer months. You can find all sorts of cuts and styles that will look incredible—all that matters is that the fabric is comfortable, breathable, and allows you to move freely.

Whether you’re out and about with the girls or you’re picking up your toddler from school, the right fabric will be easy to manage, look flattering, keep you comfortable, and feeling fabulous. The best part about flowy fabrics is that they look incredible as tops, blouses, and dresses, as well as skirts… so the options are endless.

You can dress them up or dress them down, and you’ll never have to struggle with awkward, ill-fitting material that restricts your movement, clings to your bump, and makes you uncomfortable.

As for keeping you cool, this is another major feature that pregnant women will love when you’re having hot flashes and struggling to cool down. The looser, more flowy your clothing is, the easier you’ll find it to relax during an episode.

Not to mention, flowy fabrics look great no matter what the occasion, and are easily dressed up or down. Throw on some cute sandals, a couple of accessories, and you’re ready for a perfect day!

A pair of comfortable palazzo pants that allows pregnant women to move more comfortably.

2. Your clothes should be stretchy and comfortable

Apart from flowy, it would be advisable that you also look for clothing that is both stretchable and comfortable. The stretch factor allows you to use the clothing item at various stages of your pregnancy and avoid unnecessary spending on expensive maternity clothing for a few weeks, or months.

The right clothing can get you through the first few months, or even the first couple of trimesters without needing additional maternity clothing, and if your bump isn’t too big, they might even see you through to the end.

While stretchable fabrics may not rank the highest when it comes to luxury fashion, they are a must-have for a maternity wardrobe. It’s going to be life-changing when you’re not yanking up a pair of pants or struggling to pull down a top because the stretchability will make them easier to put on—and keep on.

Fabrics like nylon and knit are going to become your favorites for when you want to sit down and relax without worrying about your dress being too tight for you to lean forward or back comfortably.

Did your bump grow some more? No worries! A stretchable top will continue to adjust to your changing size. You’re not going to have to make long-drawn-out shopping trips to crowded malls and stores, looking for new, expensive clothing every couple of months. And the best part is that you can continue wearing these outfits well after your delivery, too, because they’re not going to lose shape or form.

A model wears a summery black dress with a gorgeous white print over it.

3. Loose-fitting tunics and tops are going to be a godsend

Don’t underestimate the power of a great tunic! You’d be surprised at how effective this style is as maternity wear. A loose tunic will look great and keep you comfortable for longer too. Typically, they’re designed to be more flattering than other types of tops and blouses because they’re roomier, flowier, and perfect for summer weather.

You can shop for a wide variety of options through our store, where we offer printed tops and tunics for women that you can pair with maternity jeans, skirts, or even wear on their own. Tunics are such a maternity wear staple, especially during the first couple of trimesters because of the wider hems and bottom. Tunics with slits are even better because there will be plenty of room for your bump too!

Tunics will also become a vacation essential if you’re traveling this summer. Traveling when pregnant, although safe, comes with its own challenges, and one of them is definitely struggling with packing and picking out a wardrobe. Whether you’re on a babymoon or just a regular family vacation, having outfits that allow you to enjoy your vacation, stay comfortable, remain protected in the heat, and look cute is key. This is why we love our tunics!

The bright colors, prints, and smart cuts make them the absolute perfect pregnancy wear outfit. They’ll be absolute fashion goals and can easily be dressed up with slacks or plain palazzos or dressed down with cozy leggings and capri pants. You can also accessorize with your favorite tunic quite easily, pairing necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other items that will add a touch of glamor to your look.

4. Find longer shirts and tops to wear during your pregnancy

This one’s another solid styling tip for when you’re pregnant. Even if you prefer shorter lengths for tops and shirts, it’s safe to expect shirts to ride up or move higher up because of your bump during pregnancy.

You can choose from our range of longer tops or even dresses that you can style as tops for that extra coverage. It’s one of the best pregnancy fashion hacks out there, and again, it keeps you from having to splurge on maternity tops that you won’t get to make use of post-partum.

Ideally, the tops should go past your hips, touching at least mid-thigh for them to give you the right coverage and comfort that you need, but varying lengths also work. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind when choosing too, so that you’re getting the best of everything.

Flowy, long tops, made of comfortable stretchable material, in cuts and styles that work well with your belly are the way forward. Size up in t-shirts, so you get more length and room for your growing belly, and make sure the fabric is soft and stretchy as well.

You can continue wearing these t-shirts at home, in bed, or even while running errands since they’re so easy to wear and use. After all, nobody is going to question why you’re wearing a t-shirt to brunch if you’ve just had a baby, right?

Later, many longer tops can double as dresses, or if you’re uncomfortable with the length they can be hemmed to fit your post-bump physique. You can also use them as they are, by pairing them with leggings and tights or skinny jeans for a balanced outfit.

A pair of comfortable leggings that can be worn by pregnant women easily.

We have a great collection of t-shirts, tops, and blouses that come in varying lengths and styles and can be worn all through your pregnancy and after. You can check out some of our favorite tops here, and we can guarantee that you’ll find something eye-catching to suit your need!


5. Palazzo pants and leggings are going to be your new favorites

Hate maternity jeans? Swap them out for palazzo pants and leggings!

You don’t have to settle for boring prints and colors, though. We have plenty of bright, well-designed bottoms that you can wear all through your pregnancy, with very little effort needed.

Pair them with t-shirts, tops, blouses, or even dresses for a comfortable summery look that you can flaunt on vacation or while you’re out for a casual lunch. The stretchy fabric and comfortable cuts will make them a staple for your everyday wardrobe as you run errands, go to doctors’ appointments, and just hang out with

friends and family, or with your kids. You’re going to love the way our comfortable leggings and palazzo pants will almost feel like you have nothing on while still giving you the right comfort and protection that you’re seeking.

You can shop for them in multiple colors, prints, and patterns that you can mix and match with various other clothing items such as t-shirts and tops that you may already own.

The printed bottoms are a major styling plus because they’re so easy to wear, and you’ll never have to stress over looking under-dressed. The pop of color and print is just what it takes to brighten up nearly any outfit, any time you want.

Both bottoms are also perfect for hitting the beach, going on vacation, or lazy days by the pool, so when you’re out and about in the summer, they’ll be your favorite piece of clothing. Since our bottoms are made of nylon or knit, they’ll be stretchable but won’t lose shape; they can be worn in water without worrying about them getting weighed down and are comfortable enough to wear every day during the summer months.

A person in a flowy crinkle top that looks amazing to wear

6. Make prints and colors your best friends for the summer

A general styling and dressing tip is to use lots of prints and colors in the summer. Many bright, bold prints and patterns are perfect for moms-to-be who want to draw attention away from their bellies or keep them somewhat concealed or a tad less prominent. On the other hand, if you’re someone who loves to bask in the glory of pregnancy, try opting for smaller prints that help show off your bump.

Don’t shy away from print and color for fear of looking over the top, or bigger than you are, feeling too bold—they’re what will actually keep you looking and feeling more energetic, lively, and make you happier when you’re tired.

In fact, some of the brightest colors to cheer you up when you’re down are blue, red, yellow, and green—all of which are used across various beautiful print designs that we offer. You’re in for a treat when you shop at our very affordable women’s clothing store because we bring you a great variety of elevating colors, cuts, and prints to choose from. We love experimenting with new looks and combinations to present to you, which is why we know you’re going to enjoy wearing them too! Order a pair of our popular knit palazzo pants here, or check out some printed long pants here. We also have other lengths and styles to choose from, so be our guest and add a selection to your cart – you derserve it!

Psst! There’s also a great buy-one-get-one deal going around on some of our bottoms, so you can snag the cutest capris, palazzos, skirts, and skorts!

A person wearing a loose summery dress poses with their arms crossed over their head.

7. Don’t forget to accessorize (comfortably) with all your outfits and looks

Accessories help tie any look together, and that’s what you should aim for when you’re preparing for a night out, lunch or brunch, or just as a fun daytime accessory. You don’t need to worry about donning heavy earrings and jewelry on the daily, but it helps to have a range of accessories that you can pick from to add a little nuance of interest to compliment your outfit when you need to.

Think chunky bangles or bracelets that are adjustable, so they don’t hurt if your hands are swollen, or cute statement necklaces that you can wear to make your outfit pop. Get your hands on lightweight but cute earrings that you can wear whenever, and flaunt them with your favorite dress or top from our collection.

Remember that the focus should be on what makes you comfortable, what makes you feel good, rather than what’s expected of you. You’re already carrying another human being—you don’t need to carry the weight of other peoples’ expectations!

It’s pretty easy to accessorize with clothes like ours, which are so bright and well-designed they only need a little zhooshing up to make them look incredible. Pull out your favorite purse, comfortable sandals, and a summer hat, and you’re totally ready for a leisurely stroll along the seaside promenade before you hit the beach!

But while you’re using regular clothing and accessories during your pregnancy, there are some essentials that we recommend all moms invest in such as quality maternity bras, pregnancy pillows, and other products that will keep you safe and comfortable out and about, no matter what.

A woman poses in a loose, comfy tunic against a wall while on vacation.

Who said pregnancy and maternity fashion has to be bland and boring? You can have fun with your looks and experiment all you like with items from our collections on the road to becoming the hottest momma in town!

With these styling tips, hacks, and ideas, you’re bound to look incredible throughout your pregnancy without a shred of doubt. When you shop at our online clothing store for women, you can rest assured that you will get both comfort and style with stunning print designs and colors to make you look and feel your best. Size up your options with these styles and save tons on maternity wear, which often tends to be quite expensive.

Our clothes are designed to be incredibly comfortable yet fun to wear. You’ll find cute printed tunics, casual floral dresses for women, and other items that will make your pregnancy a breeze! And the best part? You’ll always find great deals, sales, and offers on all our products. Check them out here and shop your heart out for the cutest clothing in town! Shop for the ultimate range of fashionable yet comfortable clothes at killer rates, and enjoy free shipping across the U.S. on orders above $75!

P.S. if you shop for $200 or above, you get an uber-cute tote bag with your order, which would be perfect to carry all your maternity essentials!

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