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Good Friday is actually most of the times the Friday before the happy day of easter, this very day has a long history to be called a “good Friday”. This day tells people to celebrate Jesus’s passion and His love for His people. This day also marks the end of the journey for Jesus, it’s the day He was crucified. The “good Friday” refers to as “gods Friday”, people also say that the “good” here symbolises holy and pure. This day is celebrated all around the world with enthusiasm, kites are seen up in the sky. People cook and have get-togethers, they visit the church together for prayers. The kites also represent that Jesus died on this day, and the kites are going to heaven too. You must be wondering that when is good Friday 2019, as days change according to the dates every year. Well, this year you will observe good Friday on 19th of April 2019.

As you can already sense that this day holds very much importance in front of the eyes of billions of people. So obviously they do prep for this day with full generosity and with open hearts and minds. Now what do you think people worry about the most even on this day? Well we don’t know about the men, but women do worry about what they are going to wear. If you are one of those women, then don’t worry because we are going to help you through this.  Obviously girls you want to look your best on this good Friday 2019, right?

Well ladies the colours that are expected to be worn on good Friday are purple, black, rose etc. but you can also wear the colours you want to wear. We will suggest you to wear something vintage, floral and beautiful as the Friday actually represents easter and its “happy” Friday. So why don’t we wear something that represents happy. What about something that is all elegant and stylish at the same time. We are talking about dresses, but not any ordinary kind of dresses. We are talking about vintage dresses with beautiful patterns, along with astonishing range of colour contrasts. Well apparently these kind of clothes are found only sitting on glass shelves in designer stores, and there price is something that will blow your mind.

But what if we tell you about a place that has a mind blowing collection in the most reasonable prices, well no need of wandering anywhere because that brand is us. You know whats even better about our collection, that we are announcing a good Friday sales 2019 on it! By this good Friday sale, you will be able to buy your desirable dress from our beautiful collection in even more discounted rates. This easter Friday sale will ensure that you look absolutely the best on this 19th of april. Let us introduce you to some of the many reasons, of why you should consider us as a one stop shop solution of this good Friday.

Why consider us

Well, we really have no need of boasting about our mind blowing collection because you can judge that by seeing it for your self. Here we will tell you about the basic traits of our collection that probably no one else will offer you.

  • The pure fabric. This is the one component that people really look for in a dress because what is the use of wearing something that is not even comfortable and easy to wear. That is why our main initiative is to involve only the best quality fabric in manufacturing our apparel. This way you will enjoy the perks of beautiful and elegant clothing in the most comfortable way.
  • The sizing chart. The only thing that drives women away from their favourites brands is their change in sizing. As you all know that we believe in “every inch is beautiful”, that is why we have introduced a wide range of sizes. So that you can choose the one that suits to your comfortability and size. Now you will never have to turn away from that one dress that you love, just because of the size problem.

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