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Barbara Gerwit offers its customers a very diverse range of clothes that are a unique blend of tropical grace and the relaxed appeal of a summer by the poolside. Our team of expert designers is dedicated to bringing our customers only the very best and exclusive pieces that offer luxury and magnificence of style and print, making our latest collection of dresses some of the very best that you will find in the market.

Check out some of the gorgeous dresses in our latest resort collection for 2021, with its stunning pieces suitable for any and all occasions:

  1. Engineered Knit Dress Sleeveless Halter Neck Style 146DOI PC

A beautiful and colorful printed dress

This stunning piece of 95% supra cotton and 5% spandex is the ideal blend of luxury and comfort for anyone aiming for a classy look. The fabric’s comfort factor increases with every wash, and its unique handprint is bound to grab the attention of onlookers in any gathering. The pink and coral handprint is unique, not only in its colors but also in its design. The wonderful print has smudges and variance in the shaded regions, making it especially appealing for all occasions. The piece is available in X-Large, Large, Medium, Small, and X-Small sizes.

  1. Vintage Knit Dress Round Neck Ruffle Sleeve Style 352D49 M

Bold printed knit dress

If you are in search of a dress that offers comfort and luxury, both at once, while creating the perfect casual look for a party, this is just what you need. The fabric is 95% supra cotton and 5% cotton. This is one of the finest products and designs you will find in the market, with its stunning handprint and unique shape and design. The melon color will surely make you stand out in a crowd. The round neck and ruffled sleeves are a wonderful addition to a dress made to please. You can get this piece in the following sizes: X-Large, Large, Medium, Small, and X-Small.

  1. Vintage Knit Dress Boat Neck Style 240D06 L

This piece is another one from our highly coveted resort 2021 collection made from 95% Supra cotton and 5% spandex. The fabric offers comfort like any other piece you will find, and the cool and calm lime color will give you just the look you are aiming for. This finely crafted product is just the thing you need for your next big occasion or a simple day out on a gorgeous summer day. The smudging and variance in its beautiful handprint design are unique in their appeal and will leave others wanting to own a similar piece. You can get this dress in X-Large, Large, Small, or X-Small sizes.

  1. Vintage Knit V-Neck Dress Style 220D50 BT

A cool blue and white printed dress

This blue/tonal piece, with its wonderfully comfortable fabric and extravagant handprint, is another fabulous dress from our resort collection 2021 that you will love. Its finely crafted stitching and intricate handprint will make your next big occasion ten times better. This piece is available in X-Large, Large, and Small sizes.

  1. Engineered Knit Dress Sleeveless Cowl Neck Style 721E56 NR


Daring red and blue printed Summer dress

The rare navy and red combination of this Summer dress are what makes it stand out from the rest in the market. The shapely and high-quality stitched piece offers a striking and sophisticated design and has an elegant turtleneck style for anyone who loves to be a bit bold in their fashion choice.

With this BG resort 2021 collection on our online store, you don’t have to worry about finding what to wear for your next party. Choose the perfect outfit from our exclusive collection of casual and affordable clothing for women today!


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