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How to Make Your Staycation Brighter and More Fun

A romantic spa evening with candles, flowers, and towels

Though quarantine and lockdowns may be easing up a little, there are still some restrictions in place. With travel bans in certain countries and many limitations still in place, a lot of people are opting for staycations rather than vacationing abroad. If you’re one of those people, fret not. A staycation can be just as […]

7 Styling Tips for Pregnant Women to Try This Summer

Let us start off by saying congratulations on this exciting new chapter of your life! Being pregnant is no walk in the park—it’s beautiful and draining and takes a lot out of you. In that, the last thing you want to do is wear uncomfortable, tight-fitting clothes or poorly designed maternity wear that makes you […]

3 Tips on Dressing to Flatter Your Body

A woman wears a bright, printed dress that flatters her lean physique.

Dressing for your body shape and style is one of the smartest fashion decisions you’ll ever make. There are several ways to go about dressing for your body that will help make any outfit look better than ever before… here are some pointers: 1. Wear clothes that highlight your favorite features Everyone has a favorite […]

4 Ways to Style a Plain T-Shirt This Summer

woman wearing pink top with white pants and accessories

Plain t-shirts are a wardrobe staple, and there are fun ways to spruce up your look for the summer. You can shop for a range of staple plain t-shirts from our online store, choosing from a wide range of styles, lengths, and various fits and sizes, and style them in the following ways:   1.     […]

4 Tips on Shopping for Your Summer Vacation

A woman wears a stylish printed dress and sun hat while at the beach on vacation.

Shopping before a vacation is almost as exciting as going on the vacation itself—isn’t it? You’d be missing out if you didn’t plan all your outfits and get excited about the prospect of wearing new outfits and feeling amazing in them!   Here are some tips and tricks to help you shop and prepare for […]

The Ultimate Guide to Modest Vacation Wear

A woman wears a printed modest tunic that looks great on vacation.

Are you excited about an upcoming vacation? We know it’s hard to contain that excitement! Who doesn’t want to chill out for a few days, have fun, explore new places, eat and drink, and obviously dress up? But if you’re nervous about styling modest outfits for your vacation, don’t worry. There are still plenty of […]

4 Tips on Dressing Up for a 4th of July Cookout

A mother and daughter in matching 4th of July themed dresses.

Who’s looking forward to the 4th of July? We know we are! All the fireworks, music, BBQs and cookouts, dancing, and just an all-around great time with friends and family. It’s the perfect time to celebrate and head to as many cookouts as we can, especially after a year of being at home and missing […]

How to Add More Print and Color to Your 4th of July Look

A model wearing a blue printed tank top with red and white stars, making it a fun look for the 4th of July.

With all the exciting events and happenings on the 4th of July, wanting to go out with your look makes perfect sense. After skipping on last year’s celebration, going big this year is something we’re all looking forward to.   That’s why we’re sharing tips and tricks to help you style yourself and add more […]

Barbara Gerwit Offers a Premium Collection of 4th of July Outfits for Women

Balloons in the air for Fourth of July celebrations

Summer’s here, and you know what that means! Although the current pandemic may have set new rules and norms for celebrations, don’t let your spirit die; after all, it’s the 4th of July! 4th of July is a day people across the country anxiously wait for. Whether you’re patriotic or not during the rest of […]

How to Pull Off Palazzo Pants on Vacation

Palazzo pants are making a comeback everywhere you look. The groovy looking pants that were popular in the 60s and 70s are now cropping up everywhere you look from parties and beaches to offices and even at weddings! They are comfortable and stylish but above all they are extremely versatile. They also flatter almost every […]

How to Style Your Vacation Dress Like a Pro

A woman poses in a beautiful orangey-peach halter top sleeveless dress.

Summer is right around the corner, and if you’re looking forward to a fun vacation, you have a lot of planning ahead of you!   It’s next to impossible not to think about all the incredible vacation looks you’re going to flaunt over the next couple of months! But if there’s one vacation wardrobe staple […]

Gorgeous Knit Tops That Are Perfect for a Summer Getaway

Knitwear is one of the top fashion trends for Summer 2021 according to Vogue magazine. Knitted tops are made with a soft and breezy fabric that is breathable and clings to the body without being too tight and uncomfortable. They come in a range of styles, colors, and different types of knit fabrics ranging from […]

Vacation Wear: Keep an Eye Out for These Trends

2020 was a quiet year for fashion but the trends are back with a bang in 2021. Designers are finding new ways such as virtual showcases and online fashion shows to unveil their latest collections. Vacation wear, in particular, is gaining massive popularity as a large percentage of the population is planning summer getaways after […]

Barbara Gerwit — Spring 2021 Collection

Our Spring 2021 Collection Prints Barbara Gerwit never fails to stun its customers with new garments every season. This year we have returned with our Spring 2021 collection that you are bound to like. As with every other collection, we aim toward providing our customers the very best, elegant tropical wear, that is both relaxing […]

Holiday Outfit Ideas

As the holiday season is getting nearer, we often struggle with what to wear so that we can look super classy and trendy for all the parties and pictures. Many people, not knowing what to wear, end up really unsatisfied and uneasy throughout the holidays as they feel like they don’t look their best. Having […]

How To Pack Your Clothes Without Wrinkles

When it comes to travel, one of the most frustrating dilemmas is packing the clothes without getting them all wrinkled and creased. Why go through the hassle of ironing every set of clothes when you know that stuffing them in a suitcase and the long trip is bound to make your hard work go to […]

Barbara Gerwit — Resort 2021 Collection!

Barbara Gerwit offers its customers a very diverse range of clothes that are a unique blend of tropical grace and the relaxed appeal of a summer by the poolside. Our team of expert designers is dedicated to bringing our customers only the very best and exclusive pieces that offer luxury and magnificence of style and […]

Celebrate Easter The BG Way

Barbara Gerwit brings for its customers clothes that combine tropical grace and relaxed wear for lazy summers by the poolside and enjoying gorgeous sunny days. Our exclusive designers’ team brings luxury fabrics and magnificent prints for fashion lovers across the globe. To celebrate this Easter, you can find the perfect wear for any occasion on […]

3 Advantages Of Focusing More On Your Dressing

Have you ever noticed you feel better when you wear a nice dress or get a makeover? On the other hand, have you noticed how you feel self-conscious when you haven’t put much thought into an outfit? If you answered yes to these questions, it is perfectly normal to feel that way. According to various […]

Perfect For Picnic — 3 Outfit Ideas For Summer Picnics

A woman wearing a cute summer dress

After a challenging and restricted year due to the pandemic, people all over the world are looking forward to spending some time outdoors in the summer of 2021. As the restrictions are starting to ease and the spread of the virus is under control, people are slowly resuming their lives, and the popularity of outdoor […]

3 Top Fashion Trends For Summer 2021

A woman wearing a bold monochromatic knit dress from Barbara Gerwit

The year 2021 was a quiet year for the fashion world as the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible for top brands to host their fashion shows. The majority of the population of the world was also forced to stay indoors, which didn’t leave many opportunities for fashion and trendy dressing. However, the fashion industry has […]

3 Stylish Dresses You Need To Add To Your Summer Wardrobe

A woman wearing a cute sleeveless halter neck style knit dress

The warmer season is here again and it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with some stylish Summer dresses. After wearing all the layers and bulky clothes during the cold winter months, it can be a relief to enjoy the effortless beauty of casual summer dresses. Whether you like short knit dresses or long, flowy frocks, […]

5 Perfect Fashionista Gifts For Mother’s Day 2021!

A mother’s day card next to a cup of coffee and some macarons

Mother’s day 2021 is just around the corner and it is the perfect time to show your appreciation for all the lovely things your mum has ever done for you. The day is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May in the United States, along with many other countries. However, in some countries the […]

Barbara Gerwit releases New Resort 2020 Styles!


We are proud to launch our NEW RESORT 2020 COLLECTION! New colorful prints in your favorite dress. We strive to bring you excellent quality in our garments. This year we are working harder to bring you the best in resort wear here! Thank you for your continued support! Vintage Knit V-Neck Dress Style 220D54 Price: […]

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