3 Tips on Dressing to Flatter Your Body

A woman wears a bright, printed dress that flatters her lean physique.

Dressing for your body shape and style is one of the smartest fashion decisions you’ll ever make. There are several ways to go about dressing for your body that will help make any outfit look better than ever before… here are some pointers: 1. Wear clothes that highlight your favorite features Everyone has a favorite

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How to Pull Off Palazzo Pants on Vacation

Palazzo pants are making a comeback everywhere you look. The groovy looking pants that were popular in the 60s and 70s are now cropping up everywhere you look from parties and beaches to offices and even at weddings! They are comfortable and stylish but above all they are extremely versatile. They also flatter almost every

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Barbara Gerwit — Spring 2021 Collection

Our Spring 2021 Collection Prints Barbara Gerwit never fails to stun its customers with new garments every season. This year we have returned with our Spring 2021 collection that you are bound to like. As with every other collection, we aim toward providing our customers the very best, elegant tropical wear, that is both relaxing

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Holiday Outfit Ideas

As the holiday season is getting nearer, we often struggle with what to wear so that we can look super classy and trendy for all the parties and pictures. Many people, not knowing what to wear, end up really unsatisfied and uneasy throughout the holidays as they feel like they don’t look their best. Having

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Celebrate Easter The BG Way

Barbara Gerwit brings for its customers clothes that combine tropical grace and relaxed wear for lazy summers by the poolside and enjoying gorgeous sunny days. Our exclusive designers’ team brings luxury fabrics and magnificent prints for fashion lovers across the globe. To celebrate this Easter, you can find the perfect wear for any occasion on

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