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Mothers are the best supporters that a person can have, they take care of their kin in every way possible after sacrificing their own needs. They dispatch a piece of their own body to give us life and that is why they strive hard to give us the life we desire off. Mothers work day and night for our comfort and well being, even after all that they do for us they don’t ask anything in return for their unconditional and never-ending love and affection. if we people reflect on our doings and our relation with our mom, then we are sure that you people will understand that how cruel we are on them. We do simply the opposite thing to them, we try to space ourselves from our body part thinking that we need some “space”. people, the only space we really need is in the arms of our mothers. She is probably the only person that understands her kids more than anyone and we are sure that she is the first person that you would want to trust in your decisions. Most of the times we people think that our mothers are a bit too much to handle, that their ways and thinking are way different from ours and that they have a traditional kind of mindset. But people here is the part where we absolutely go wrong, we forget that she is the one who has more experience in life than us and she knows what’s wrong and right for us. People if we say that mothers are like one of those future people predictors then we won’t be much wrong because it’s experienced by so many people that whatever our mothers predict about people in our life. That thing turns out to be very right if they say something crazy or good about the other person so it eventually goes in a self-fulfilling prophecy. if our mothers love us so much and they care about us more than their own selves, then why do we deny and neglect that love? Isn’t is wrong of us? That we keep searching for love from people who don’t even deserve us. Even though we have unconditional love sitting and waiting for us at our house, maybe for some unlucky people that love waits for them at old age homes.

Do you sit and ponder on this thought for a while? The thought about what does our mothers really need from us? Do they ask about any kind of materialistic goods? no, or do they ask for obeying them every time? no, they don’t. we are sure that our mothers only ask for unconditional and never-ending love from us, the kind of love that we search for in our plastic lives. They just ask for the kind of love that they give us, the kind of love that we people did have “time” for. People and peers, it’s important to know that even our maids need appreciation and motivation to work for us, even though they get paid with a hefty amount. When we look after them, then why not our mothers? They are so much superior to any worker, then why do we treat her like she is inferior to even a worker? Why is that she keeps working all day and all night for almost the whole year without any kind of leave and all she gets back from us is a slammed door. We really need to revise about the fact that we really treat our angels like they are some kind of devil. They are a part of us, they are the ones who make these cement walls something called home. They are the only ones who look after us for their whole lives because they think that it’s their obligation out of motherhood. She obviously deserves more than we give her right? She certainly deserves more respect and appreciation. There has to be someone to tell her that she is doing a great job and that her kids really love her. So now what? Are you planning on hiring someone to come to her door every day and tell her all this? of course not! These things and gestures of love and appreciation will only matter to her if they will be shown given by someone really dear to her heart. There were some people who were really into this concept of showing love and gratitude to their mothers, the people who worked so hard that their story forced the government of several countries to dedicated a day to the honour of mothers. The person who did so much and brought so much change in people’s lives and mindset by mothers day was Ann Reeves Jarvis. The concept of mothers day existed in this world for thousands of years, but Ann made it official and gave it a proper definition. She started a campaign after her mother died, she held a grand memorial for her late mother and promised to her on that very day that she will surely bring a change to people’s perspectives. Ah well, she really did bring a vast change, Ann was a social activist who worked day and night for the sake of people. She helped in every social work, from helping wounded soldiers to helping normal people in her community. She started a line of peaceful campaigns and protests to designate a day for the honour of all the mothers around the world. The journey was not important, people criticised her idea by saying that then they will have to come out with a “mother in law day” but for sure Ann did not let the bullies get to her. Eventually, her agenda got so strong and recognised that mothers day was born out of all the hard work. She was successful in spreading the agenda that mothers day was a day of sentiments and emotions, it was not an occasion where companies can sell their cards for money!


Jarvis was successful in convincing people that mothers day was of more worth than just unworthy pre-maid stuff. Her actions bought change to people’s mindsets and ideas about mothers day and the world somehow changed towards her. Mothers day then became an official day for the ho our of our precious angels, our mothers. The day that was designated for this day of mothers was 12th May. From then on people started to take the concept of mothers day very seriously, they stopped buying pre-maid stuff and gifting to their mothers to show that they are fulfilling some kind of duty by giving their mothers something. After Ann’s influence, mothers day started to be more important to people. People from all around the world eventually stopped buying any kind of already made stuff, the sales of the companies got down drastically. Ann was threatened about her life and that these companies would file lawsuits against her, but her love and affection towards her agenda was so strong. That there was no one who could stop her from reaching her limits. Ann Reeves Jarvis really brought a new line of mothers day gifts for her, she brought a new era of mothers day surprises. People started to get more practical and they started to show more affection to their mothers in many different and meaningful ways.


We are pretty sure that you people must be thinking that things have really changed since 1908 when Ann brought this change. People eventually ran out of ideas and they are moving back to the old and impractical methods of celebrating mothers day. But don’t worry because we will try our best to stop that age of darkness. apart from all that, it’s true that people haven’t really changed entirely. As we know that this world is a very culturally diverse place and there is a different type of people who live in it. Each one of them has different and colourful personalities and the way they express love is also very different. That’s why mothers day is observed very differently in different parts of the world. People celebrate it very differently from each other, some people like to gift something while others are okay with just greetings. On the other hand, some people love to make grand gestures for their mothers while others stay on a budget. What can we say, different people have different mindsets and they all work apart from each other? That’s the thing that makes each one of their actions so unique. whatever we are planning on doing on this mothers day of 2020, we should just keep in mind one small thing and that is the meaning of our gift or gesture.


This is a fact that people get really confused when it comes to gifting and surprising, it is surely a very controversial topic. Most of the times people make a big mistake by copying each other’s gifts because they think that the other person has a better gift for their mother then they have. This is what makes them forget about the idea of mothers day completely, then people are just trying to show off to each other by showing how expensive their gift or how grand their gestures are rather than thinking about how much their mother will like that gift. The people who think that if they will buy a $100000 necklace for their mother, only then the day will be worth enjoying are very wrong. Mothers can easily sense the fact that how meaningful the gift really is. We are sure that she won’t like a $10000 necklace if it isn’t given with meaning and love. She would rather choose a $5 rose over any extra expenses and not a meaningful gift. So make sure that whatever you gift is worth it, moreover always keep in mind that you also have to be practical while gifting. Give her something that she would love, that she would cherish forever. Give her something that will remind her of you, whenever she would look at it. We will personally suggest you give her a proper gift, something that she would love. Now our mothers are very different people, for gifting her something you should really know what she loves and if you are still confused about what to do and what not to do. Then don’t you people worry because we are going to support you in that!


As we previously said that our mothers are very very different people, you can’t just compare your friend’s mother to your mother and assume that she would like the same thing that all the mothers like. Even if you don’t know her likings that much, you can always think practically about women in general. If you will ponder upon a thought about what all the women love in general, then we are sure that you will come to a conclusion about clothes! Like yes, people! Have you ever seen a woman sad in her new and trendy dress, no right? Then what gift is better than giving her a beautiful dress. There are many advantages of gifting her a dress, for example

  • Duh, women love dresses. So we are damn sure that she would love yours too!
  • It’s a practical gift.
  • Its something meaningful and beautiful at the same time
  • She will cherish and think about you, whenever she will wear it.
  • Overall, there is no option that is better and safer than a dress.
  • Its nothing so complicated. You can always assume what kind of dress she would like by seeing what she wears every day. So she won’t be able to guess about what you are going to gift her.

BUT, the question arises about where can you find a dress that is going to be easier to get and a dress that she would love too? Don’t worry about that thing peers because we have the perfect option for you!  obviously, it’s us, you can get your desirable mothers day dress at our site, at the Barbara Gerwit.

People of this globe, if you practically think about buying your mom a dress then there are a 1000 more questions and problems attached to it, for example, the quality, the colour, the price and etc. obviously the easiest way to shop is online shopping, but its also the most dangerous and risky one because the most scammers and cheats are found online. But these are not the problem for you if you are on Barbara Gerwit because we provide just the best. We are pretty confident about our products, we know that your special lady will love them and let us tell you people why should you opt for no other than Barbara Gerwit.

Finest quality. There is no use of buying the most beautiful dress on earth when it’s not comfortable and long-lasting. Remember that you are buying something for your mother, not for a fashion show, that’s why keep in mind that the dress should be comfortable so that she can wear it without any problem. The dress will only be soft, breathable and comfy only if the material used in it is 20000% pure. You will be happy to know that using only the purest material is our first most priority.

Wide range of colours and designs. This is something very controversial and risky. This is the reason why some people condemn online shopping because they assume that the sites don’t have much variety in colours and designs. But people, that is not the case with us. We have a fully heavy and beautiful collection of numerous colour contrasts and designs. We have everything from a top to a summer dress, we have each and every colour that you can ever think off. Our wide rand of exquisite colours and designs is perfect for the upcoming summer season. The colour contrasts are bright and the designs all new, you will have much variety to choose from. We have everything that you will ever need in a dress, for example, many fabric types, many design types and many many colours. You will dip into a sea of jaw-dropping dresses on our site.

This is something that causes a lot of problems when you are deciding to gift someone a dress or something to wear because finding the right size can be a very hectic job. Many brands don’t have that perfect size that you need for gifting. Yet again, that is not a problem with us. As you people know that we support the ideology of every inch is beautiful and we strictly condemn the idea of women turning away from their favourite dress just because the size is not available. That’s why we have kept a wide range of sizes, a collection of sized so vast and large. That we are sure you will find the perfect fit for every lady that you know, from your grandma to your grandchildren.

The other aspect of why people leave their favourite dress is the money problem. These hefty brands charge people a fortune, the kind of money that can break your bank very easily. But we are luckily not one of those people, we believe that each and every woman deserves to feel equal. They all deserve to feel like a diva, that’s why we have kept our prices low. So that people can wear a kind of quality that won’t break their banks.


…. But wait! Did you think that the mothers day goodness was over? Not so fast people because we have something great to introduce you, people, too. On this year’s auspicious occasion of mothers day 2020 Barbara Gerwit has decided to put their new mother’s day collection on complete HAPPY MOTHERS DAY SALE 2020. Yes, people! Now the low prices will also be cut at more reasonable prices. So now you can go for that beautiful dress, now you will have the power and money to buy not one but more than one dress for your mother because of this happy mothers day sale! We know how much a dress can make a difference in a gift. We saw how teenagers are so eager to gift their mother the best mothers day gift, they save for a gift for months and months and they certainly deserve something worth all their sacrifice. That is why we have launched this mothers day sale, so now each and every person can buy the dress of their mother’s dreams. Now you won’t have to care about spending extra money to buy quality, to buy something beautiful that your mother will love from all her heart because Barbara Gerwit has taken care of that money situation. So people what are you waiting for! Go out there and take advantage of this amazing mothers day sale. Get your mom the most beautiful dress from our vast collection because THAT LADY DESERVES IT!


12th May is an auspicious day that is loved and celebrated by almost every individual from all around the world. It’s true that different people cherish this day filled by happiness and love in their own way and that is something worth adoring because, when people of different cultural diversities come up with new and innovative ideas for this day, the day somehow just gets more special. Now its turned more like a competition to get the best mothers day gift, and the competition factor has just made the gift choosing harder. Everybody wants to get the perfect gift, a gift that is unique and something that will impress their ladies. Now that everyone wants the best, people have gone short if unique ideas. We know that you also are struggling to get that perfect gift right? Don’t you worry ladies, we will give you some ideas that you probably have never heard off.


If you people are assuming that here in this read, we are going to give you a list of materialistic things that you can get for your beautiful mother, then you are absolutely wrong. There is actually no material in this world that can impress your mother, that can make her feel loved and noticed. If you really want some unique mothers day gifts, then its time to stop looking for then in materialistic things. A card is not going to make your mother happy, a meaningful hug on the other side is surely going to make her day. It’s important for us to really understand the gist of mothers day,  it’s a day of emotions and love, it’s not a day to show off how grand you can go. Always remember to gift her something that has meaning, something that will remind her of you whenever she is going to see it. The best thing that falls in this category is a beautiful and trendy dress by a top designer, for example, BARBARA GERWIT. Come on people! There is no argument to this one because we all know that women, they just love new clothes.


Mothers day can be made special by us for our mothers, only by our actions and gestures. If you are thinking that by throwing a grand party, you are going to make her happy for the whole coming year till the next mothers day, then girl you are very wrong. It’s not important that we show our love to our mothers only when its mothers day, this shows that they are a burden on us or we are just fulfilling our “duty” by greeting her and giving her gifts. People feel like trash when we treat them like its obliged to us to love them. Before thinking about what to gift her on mothers day, take a little time out to ponder on the thought about how lucky you really are to have her. We are sure that this way awesome mothers day ideas are going to pop up in your mind. We would personally suggest you gift her something like, mothers day personalized gifts, a beautiful bunch of flowers or maybe a dress (I would suggest you visit Barbara Gerwit as they have some mad sales on for mothers day). But what if we mix all these up? A dress packed in a beautiful transparent box with some flowers and a personalized mug is going to look perfect right? This is going to be a completed gift, something that is going to take her heart away. This little package is going to be the best mothers day gifts from a daughter to her mother. Apart from all this, make sure to top these gifts with a warm hug.


Some of us are clearly more privileged than us or maybe they just have a thing for shopping. Either way, gifting gets really hard for mothers like these. We can’t blame you for not coming to a single decision with gifts because how can you decide on something that she already has right? Here, in these kinds of situations, we have to think wider about what to give to her on mothers day. You have to ponder hard enough and think that, what is that one thing that ladies can’t get enough? It’s obvious clothing! You can always find something in apparel because there are always new and unique trends coming up after ever one or two weeks of time. But what if we tell you that we have a platform from where you can buy beautiful dresses, we are pretty sure you will find something that your mother does not own. You will for sure find mothers day gift ideas for hard to buy, hard for your mother to buy because you are going to discover the world of Barbara Gerwit’s exquisite clothing before her. Trust us, you are going to be amazed to see the wonders that this brand has done with clothes. They have taken the concept of vintage clothing and mixed it with some new trends and, oh lord! The results are absolutely breathtaking. Considering the fact that mothers day is coming in summers, you might want to switch your concept of buying a heavy dress to the idea of buying a beautiful casual dress, something that will come in handy for her. No one likes to keep gifts locked up in their closets for using in the coming year, give her something that she can wear right away to her mothers day party. Barbara Gerwit is going to be a relief for you, you won’t have to worry about colors, designs, sizes, prices or variety. They just excel in every category related to dresses, Barbara Gerwit is the only brand that knows what they are doing. So people what are you waiting for? Get ahold of some beautiful pieces for your mother and yourself too!

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