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Though quarantine and lockdowns may be easing up a little, there are still some restrictions in place. With travel bans in certain countries and many limitations still in place, a lot of people are opting for staycations rather than vacationing abroad.

If you’re one of those people, fret not. A staycation can be just as fun as a vacation— and the best part is, you get to know more about your locality and what you may never have explored, right on your doorstep! Here are some awesome tips to make your staycation more fun.

Go Sightseeing

When you live somewhere, it’s easy to neglect the biggest attractions that your area has to offer. Go sightseeing in your local town, and pretend you’re a tourist. A lot of towns and cities host a number of local and free community events, so make sure to attend those and connect with people! Just a quick online search will help you find out about tours and discounts offered and which museums, galleries, and theatres offer free admissions and shows, and embark on a fun outing of discovery in your own neighborhood!

Turn Your Home Into a Spa

Who doesn’t love a good spa day at home? Turn your bathroom into a spa with the help of a bubble bath, some luxurious bath oils, and scented candles. Make homemade facial treatments, invest in a soothing eye pillow, and curate a relaxing playlist to lay back and chill to.

A woman wearing a knitwear dress

Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

What could be a better way to enjoy your staycation than by switching up your wardrobe?

Experiment with different colors, styles, and patterns this summer. Dare to go bold with a sleeveless knit dress, and make sure to accessorize it with the right hat and sunglasses! Keep your wardrobe looking new and novel by investing in some staple pieces such as cotton wear, but keep yourself looking hip and trendy by going for different color combinations and styles. We suggest that you freshen up your wardrobe and try out things that you wouldn’t before, just to add a touch of flair and drama to your staycation!

Add accessories like tote bags for the beach, matching tie and dye masks, and add a pair of sandals to the mix. Wear similar patterns and colors to make an impression with a cohesive outfit, and you’ll find yourself developing a new sense of confidence.

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