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When it comes to travel, one of the most frustrating dilemmas is packing the clothes without getting them all wrinkled and creased. Why go through the hassle of ironing every set of clothes when you know that stuffing them in a suitcase and the long trip is bound to make your hard work go to waste?

Fortunately, you can avoid that if you know how to keep your clothes crease-free even after being crammed in a suitcase.

With the easy methods given below, you can now pack your gorgeous dresses and clothes in a way that guarantees a wrinkle-free look!

  1. Use Plastic

While it may not seem likely, the key factor behind wrinkles is more scientific than anything else. Friction is the primary cause of creases developing in clothes that are stored or packed. When two surfaces rub against each other, they are bound to cause friction leading to wrinkles and creases.

In order to prevent this, you can add something between clothes to create a layer of air to prevent them from rubbing against each other.

To use this method, store your clothes in plastic dry-cleaning bags that can help by creating a film of air around the clothes. For all hanging items, you can use these bags to stop the clothes from rubbing against each other and prevent wrinkles.

Several clothes and outfits stored in plastic garment bags to keep them clean and wrinkle-free

  1. Use Packing Folders

Another very effective tip for keeping clothes wrinkle-free is to use packing folders. Lightweight packing folders are very easy to carry around when traveling. These folders are typically 18-inches and can contain approximately 8 to 12 pieces of clothing per folder.

These folders are especially useful when packing button-up shirts. For undergarments and clothes that are hard to wrinkle, a packing cube can also be used. These folders look like briefcases and are perfect for organizing your clothes and carrying them easily while traveling.

When using packing folders, it is best to button up the tops and dresses and flatten them out on a surface facedown before you place them in. Packing folders also have folding boards inside that help in keeping the clothes straight and preventing creasing.

A pair of packing folders for clothes

  1. Roll The Clothes

Rolling is known to be a very useful method when it comes to preventing wrinkling when packing clothes. This method is most effective for workout clothes, T-shirts, casual shorts, pants, and loungewear.

The fabrics of these types of clothes are soft and can be rolled easily. When folding T-shirts, you should first fold them vertically in half, then fold in the sleeves to make a rectangle, and finally roll this rectangle onto itself.

As for rolling up jeans, you should first fold vertically to make a rectangle and then roll starting from the bottom. Rolling is also helpful in minimizing the space occupied by articles of clothes.

A pair of jeans rolled to store and prevent wrinkles

  1. Bundle Wrap Clothes

Bundling involves packing clothes in a compact manner, similar to packing plastic bags inside each other or packing folders.

For bulky items that would otherwise take up too much space, this method is very effective. You need to place the clothes one on top of the other and then fold them up in a manner that guarantees crease-free packing.  A drawback of this method is that to get an article of clothing out; you have to open the entire bundle each time to locate the right piece.

A guide to bundling clothes to store them

The methods discussed above will ensure an easy, crease-free, and simple packing way of packing and storing clothes whether you are preparing for travel or just organizing your closet.

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