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Summer is right around the corner, and if you’re looking forward to a fun vacation, you have a lot of planning ahead of you!


It’s next to impossible not to think about all the incredible vacation looks you’re going to flaunt over the next couple of months! But if there’s one vacation wardrobe staple that every woman needs more of, it’s dresses.


Dresses are a convenient and stylish vacation wear option, no matter what kind of trip you’re taking. They work for beachy vacays, relaxing resort trips, and even adventurous touristy trips where you’re exploring towns and cities. It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to Cancun or Florida or spending summer in Wine Country— dresses are going to be your best friends during this time. We guarantee it!


With that being said, however, there’s no denying that dresses can be a little boring if you’re not creative with them. After a while, they’ll continue looking the same, even if they’re wildly different prints and styles.


So how do you keep your look fresh while still looking like a million bucks in your beautiful summer dresses? With a few of these styling tips, tricks, and hacks:

1.     Wear the dress as it is

As a starting point, you should be able to wear the dress on its own. This may seem obvious, but when you’re on vacation, you want something that’s comfy and easy to put on when you feel lazy but want to look cute. Your dress should be easy to wear on its own, without needing extras.


A bold, fun print such as the one below is the perfect example. All the model needed is a cuff, and a pair of earrings for that oomph to her look!

A model wears a tunic-style v-neck dress with gorgeous green and seafoam print.

However, despite the dress being an iconic standalone look, don’t worry about getting a little extra. After all, a dress is generally a pretty simple-looking clothing item, and you’re unable to mix and match the way you can with separate tops and bottoms. All you’re doing is having some fun with your look, so don’t be afraid to add to it.


Center your look around the vibe you want to channel, whether it’s something casual or a little more sophisticated. Think about the activity, location, or occasion. Are you headed to the beach to soak up some sun? Are you visiting tourist sites or going shopping? Sneaking off to a date with your boo and leaving the kids behind? These are all important factors to consider when you think of how you’ll add to your look.


The right print and color, as well as cut, can make all the difference in the world to your appearance. However, choosing what works for you can be the hard part, which is why we recommend going through our complete range and checking out which styles speak to you the most. You’ll want to pick a few statement pieces that you can dress up and down and style in multiple ways during your trip.


Since our dresses are generally very budget-friendly, you can pick out multiple pieces that will get you through this vacation and for years ahead!


2.     Add layers to your look

Now that we’ve talked about wearing the dress the way it is let’s discuss how we can layer it up to have some fun. Layering is a great way to add some more depth and sophistication to your outfit, as well as keeping it practical and weather-friendly. Even some of the warmest places can get chilly during the evening and night, and when you’re out and about, it isn’t possible to change your outfit midway.


Other times, you just want to make use of fun articles that are already in your closet, such as shrugs, kimonos, scarves, and capes that you don’t get to use every day. Pull them all out and think about the ways they can be paired with your pretty summer dresses.


Adding layers, however, doesn’t mean you die of heatstroke — try creating some balance with your pieces. Balance out the colors, the lengths, the statement pieces using fabrics that are summer-friendly, colors that leave you feeling fresh, and articles that you can remove or put on as the weather changes.


If your dress is printed, choose a solid-colored scarf or cardigan, which will make a statement without looking overwhelming. Have fun with loose, breathable fabrics, sheer-looking cloth such as nets, chiffons, and georgettes that don’t take away from the outfit itself, yet complete your boho-babe look by draping scarves around your shoulders, or tying them in your hair, for instance.

A model wears a modest vacation-friendly printed dress and stockings.

Layering can also be a way to make an outfit more modest. We understand that not everyone is comfortable showing skin, whether it’s a personal choice, religious obligation, a comfort preference, or anything else for that matter. So another must-have layering essential is a pair of stockings.


You can get sheer or opaque stockings based on your preferences and style and pair them with your favorite dress. It’s a great way to feel more at ease no matter how long or short your dress is, and they also keep your legs safe against wind and exposure to cooler weather during summer evenings. Stockings also look great and instantly dress up your outfit, helping you transition from poolside goddess to clubbing queen.


3.     Pair it with a casual jean-jacket

Speaking of layering, there’s nothing quite as classic as the jean-jacket and dress combo.


Chic, minimalist, and super boho, it’s just what you need for a vacation look.


A jacket is a great way to make your dress more evening-appropriate and keep yourself safe against cooler weather while also giving you an edgier look. All you need is to pull on your favorite denim jacket, grab a cross-body bag, and you have a brand new look with the same old dress!


Denim jackets can be paired with dresses, scarves, and other items of clothing to give you a complete look without even making much of an effort. A denim jacket is also appropriate for weather changes and transitioning from day to night looks, whether it’s for a casual date night or a club.

The best part about denim jackets is generally how versatile they are and how easily they can be styled with practically any look you want. So you’re not packing an extra clothing item for the heck of it— you can wear the same jacket with multiple tops and dresses and have it look just as good.

4.     Use your dress as a cover-up for swimwear

Let’s be honest, not everyone has the confidence or courage to wear a bikini all through their trip, even though there’s no such thing as a beach body. But your dress can come to the rescue, allowing you to wear your swimsuit without feeling exposed or vulnerable.


A great option would be to get nylon dresses that are resistant to water damage and wear and can be worn to the beach, poolside, or other recreational activities more comfortably. You can slide it on over your bikini or one-piece and change it when needed.


Swimwear also gets uncomfortable when wet and dirty after a while, so having your dress handy is perfect for changing into once you’re out of the water. The best part? Nylon won’t crinkle or crease either!

A model poses in a simple printed blue and white dress that is ideal for vacations.

If you’d like other resort-wear clothing and accessories, we also have some gorgeous tunics and kimonos that are perfect for covering up and dressing up simple beach looks and swimsuits.

5.     Accessorize like your life depends on it

The trick to dresses is that they’re such a simple clothing item, it takes very little effort to put them on and style them. So when you’re finding ways to get creative, one of your strongest tools is your range of accessories.


It doesn’t matter if your style is chicer and does well with pearls and diamonds, or you prefer earthier materials and chunkier pieces for your accessories. Our dresses pair well with all types of jewelry and accessories, including necklaces, earrings, sunglasses, hats, and more.


When thinking of ways to style the same dress, use all the accessories you can get your hands on. It’s easy to put on your favorite sun hat with a stylish pair of sunglasses while flaunting your favorite string of pearls, right?


We’re often taught to be ashamed of accessorizing and are told to tone ourselves down to appear more appropriate. But let this be the sign you need to live your best, most stylish life with our tips and recommendations.


Mix and match pairs of earrings with different dresses, and layer different necklaces, especially with V-neck dresses and deeper necklines. With halter tops, bring out that arm candy and show off your favorite bracelets, cuffs, and wristwatches.A smiling woman wears this dress with gorgeous paisleys in blue and white.

If you’re nervous about accessorizing, your foolproof guide is to follow your gut—and your girlfriends! Do a trial run of your looks and outfits to see which accessories look best with each dress, and remember the tips above.


And while you’re bringing together all your favorite pieces, learn the art of choosing which items not to wear either. If you’re stacking up on bracelets and cuffs, maybe keep the necklace or earrings low-key, or pair a daintier necklace with bolder earrings. Remember what we said above: it’s all about balance.

6.     Switch up your footwear

Have you ever thought about the effect footwear has on your look? We’re sure the thought has crossed your mind as you pull out your favorite pumps to go with a form-flattering dress or sneakers with a comfortable pair of jeans.


However, footwear doesn’t need to play by our rules. You can wear sneakers with a formal outfit, and you can wear heels and wedges to the beach. It’s all about how you carry your look and what you do with it!

A woman wears a sexy, form-fitting pink dress which is perfect for vacations.

In fact, you can make a statement with the type of shoes you’re wearing very easily. Pairing a floral dress with sneakers is not only cute and youthful, but it’s also practical if you’re on the kind of vacation where you’re on your feet a lot. Getting around town, exploring markets and city centers, etc., needs you to be comfortable and wearing shoes that will protect your feet, not harm them.


Ditch the pumps and stilettos for sandals and sneakers and transform your look into the perfect beach-day outfit in a jiffy as well. Your shoes can instantly give you a more casual, relaxed look, even if your dress is high-street style.


For instance, flip flops will look great with our tunic style knit and nylon dresses and make you look like the beach babe that you are.


On the flip side, however, you can also use your shoes to dress up a casual summer dress. With limited packing space, it’s not always possible to pack party dresses for women, so working with what you’ve got is the next best option.


Throw on a pair of heels with a cute printed dress, and you have the perfect look for a night out. Use our tips on accessorizing and using different layers such as scarves to dress up your look for the perfect night out.

A model wearing a comfortable tunic-style dress that is light and breezy.

7.     Use your dress as a skirt or top

We’ve talked about some of the most unique ways to style your dress, using layers, jackets, accessories, and footwear. However, there’s a major fashion secret we’ve saved for you, which is to use your dress as a skirt or top!


Sounds silly at first, because duh, who wants to look like they’re in the early 2000s—but you’d be surprised at just how chic dresses can be as tops. This works particularly well if you have a dress that’s short, at about mid-thigh length, and won’t look awkward with bottoms.


Pull out your favorite flared or bell-bottomed jeans or a pair of dark leggings that won’t look awkward and puffy when paired with a dress, and slip them on. You can choose to tuck your dress in to make it shorter or even fold the hem up for a quick fix. You have a brand new top in minutes!


Again, layer up with a jacket, or add a scarf for a unique look, and try something new out with it. This is an especially great idea for a dress like the one below, which has a collar. It’ll look like you’re wearing a cute vacation-friendly top, and nobody will know it’s really a dress!


If you’re not in the mood to lug around jeans or don’t feel comfortable wearing shorts with a dress, we’ve also got some great printed leggings that you can buy. Our leggings are made of breathable, stretchy fabrics that are comfortable and easy to style, and they’re especially great for color and print blocking.

A woman wearing one of our summer dresses at the beach.

Alternatively, you can use your dress as a skirt too! Again, this may sound a little wear but hear us out. Using your favorite shirt, pullover, or top over the top half of your dress gives the illusion of a printed or colored skirt. You can pick out one of the cute shirts from our latest tops collection at the store and pair it with a complimentary print for a sophisticated look.


A plain white colored shirt will also work well with most dresses, and the cute straps only give you an extra beachy-vibe, that works well with your vacation look. Using your dress as a skirt may not be the most obvious way to wear it, but it’s one of the easiest ways to create a new outfit without carrying along extra clothes!



Try out our fashion tips and tricks, and let us know how these looks worked out for you because we’re fans of seeing how people use our clothes for their vacation outfits.

A vacation isn’t just about letting go and relaxing. It’s the perfect time to experiment with your style, dress up, and look and feel your best. After all, who wants to miss out on all the photo-ops, right?


Feel confident and look beautiful in our range of casual dresses available online, which includes floral nylon women’s dresses and knit dresses. The materials are light and breathable yet comfortable, stretchable, and generally wrinkle-free. Check out our complete range of cute printed tunics, dresses, and much more for the ultimate vacation wardrobe!


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