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Today we introduce our New Resort Collection 2017! The Barbara Gerwit woman is fiercely independent, charming and possesses a genuine zest for life. At Barbara Gerwit we manifested and celebrated that spirit with bold tropical prints in a variety of styles suitable for any occasion.

At Barbara Gerwit, we admire the woman who remains true to herself. This high level of integrity allows her inner beauty to shine and we match this glow with the vibrant prints in our NEW RESORT COLLECTION 2017! Our tunics, pants and dresses will allow you to express externally all the love and joy you possess internally.

Designing clothing is more than just matching pieces; the final product must also evoke a feeling. As women, we are emotional beings; we are at the center of our families, careers and social circles. We are empathic and we heal. With all we do, we deserve to wear what makes us feel at our best.
The tropical inspiration behind the new RESORT COLLECTION is the breeze, trees and seas of Miami! No matter the outcome of the day, troubles wash away by dipping your feet in warm Atlantic on the coast of sunny Miami Beach. Smelling the sea air and feeling the cool breeze rejuvenates you and once again, you can conquer another day. The RESORT COLLECTION expresses this strength by incorporating bright, tropical colors and bold prints that epitomize joy and freedom.

All of our fashions are affordable, comfortable, durable and multifaceted. The pieces seamlessly transition from a chic cruise outfit to a comfortable look to run errands or spend a lovely weekend with the kids!
If you prefer a more modest look, our tunics in the new RESORT COLLECTION come in a variety of color combinations that can make you a standout at the office or lounging or at a brunch.

And because Miami is the land of endless summer, we have a series of wide-legged, floral print palazzo pants designed to bring to comfort and style in one trendy pair no matter the season!

We at invite you to browse our site and familiarize yourself with the new RESORT COLLECTION as well as our other lines for women and girls. We work for you and are always humbled to see you positively respond to our new lines when launched. We love to hear from you so we can continue creating the styles you love that proudly make you a girl!

Below please enjoy our virtual look book featuring the RESORT COLLECTION!

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