Engineered Knit Dress Slit Neck Style 580E82 SM
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Engineered Knit Dress Slit Neck Style 580E82 SM



Engineered Knit Dress Slit Neck Style 580E82 SM


Nothing feels as comfortable on the body as cotton—and this Barbara Gerwit number is exactly that: comfortable and breezy. If you’re looking for a fashionable dress that looks chic but is also easy and comfy to wear, this collection has all the answers. Not only does this dress look perfect for a small, intimate beach date or a day out, but it’s also very relaxing to wear.

What makes this dress really stand out is the array of colors on it that makes it look truly wild: it looks less like a fabric and more like an artist’s palette. The bright hues spread out and almost mix with each other—and they look really flattering on the body. The slits on the sleeves are the cherry on top: complementing the neckline slit and making the dress truly stand out in a crowd.


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