Engineered Knit Round Neck Tunic Style 537E79 P
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Engineered Knit Round Neck Tunic Style 537E79 P



Engineered Knit Round Neck Tunic Style 537E79 P


Women who are hustling around to balance home and work rarely have time to deal with fashion problems. They don’t have the luxury to hook and unhook blouses or struggle to reach the zip at the back or button all ten buttons at the front. They need shirts that are comfortable, easy to wear, and trendy. And our Engineered Knit Round Neck Tunic Style shirt offers all that and more!

Made from 95% cotton, the fabric is breathable and perfect for daily wear. You don’t have to worry about unsightly sweat stains or a material that feels prickly against the skin. This tunic-style long shirt from the Barbara Gerwit range is ideal for women who want to stay on top in all walks of life without any interruptions from frills and laces.

Be it with your children or co-workers on call, this long shirt will give you the edge you need to put on any hat you like. A woman’s clothing should allow her the freedom to do whatever she wants while looking pretty in pink. And this seafoam pink shirt is what your wardrobe has been lacking.

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