Engineered Knit Sleeveless Collared Top Style 326E80 NP


If you are interested in bringing retro back, so are we. This standout shirt from the Barbara Gerwit collection for spring is truly one of a kind: it has a high collar, no sleeves, an almost-deep V-neck that tantalizes but conceals at the same time, and looks perfectly chic and comfy. It’s all of this and more!

Stitched with 95% cotton and designed with a specific target audience in mind, this is a shirt for women who like to go against the grain and dress like no one else around them does. Not to mention, it has those retro vibes that are so emblematic of the 1950s that it’s almost irresistible.

If you’re getting this shirt, pair it with stylish capri pants, court shoes, and a headband to perfect the retro look. Then step out and stun everyone!

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SizeX Small
X Large
Across Shoulder12.1/213.1/214.1/215.1/216.1/2
Neck Width8.1/48.1/48.1/48.1/28.1/2
Side Vent Opening3.1/43.1/43.1/43.1/43.1/4

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