Engineered Knit Tunic Slit Neck Style 380B15 BK

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If you’re looking for something different yet classy that you can wear to a formal event, look no further than this engineered knit tunic dress in the classic, timeless shades of black and white. Adorned with a slit neck and perfect for any occasion, this dress is 95% cotton and therefore the right pick to wear on a day you want to feel comfortable.

Accessorize with a string of pearls, a pair of classic black heels. A trendy pair of black shades would only be the cherry on top. While black and white are demure, nondescript colors, the patterns and variations on this dress are different enough to make you stand out.

If you want in on a tip, try this dress on with a pair of sleek white leggings to pull off that sophistication aesthetic that you often see in modern royalty: elegant, different, and just the right amount of modest.

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Bust/Chest15. 3/416. 1/417. 1/418. 1/419. 1/4
Length3030. 1/23131. 1/232
Waist14. 1/215. 1/216. 1/217. 1/218. 1/2
Shoulder13. 1/21414. 1/21515. 1/2
Armhole88. 1/48. 1/28. 3/49
Neck Width88. 1/48. 1/28. 3/49
Sweep18. 1/219. 1/220. 1/221. 1/222. 1/2
Sleeve Length1717. 1/21818. 1/219
Sleeve Opening55. 1/45. 1/25. 3/46

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