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Are you excited about an upcoming vacation? We know it’s hard to contain that excitement! Who doesn’t want to chill out for a few days, have fun, explore new places, eat and drink, and obviously dress up? But if you’re nervous about styling modest outfits for your vacation, don’t worry.

There are still plenty of ways to look great while dressing modestly. It doesn’t matter where you draw the line, whether you prefer not to show any skin at all, or you’re comfortable with showing just a bit, here are some tips and tricks you can use:


Embrace layers of all kinds

Sometimes you’ll find the perfect dress or top, but realize that either it’s too short, tight, or the neckline is too deep for comfort. Other times the style is a bit too revealing for personal preference. This is where layers come in.


Pair a plain camisole or t-shirt with a higher neckline or longer sleeves with cute dresses and tops, or pull on a stylish kimono for the perfect resort look. Layering not only gives your look more dimensions, but it’s also perfect for covering up areas you want to draw away from.


Get your hands on more maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are a godsend for modest dressers. No need to wear leggings and tights under dresses or fretting over dresses that ride up as you walk or move. They’re easy to wear, look super chic, and are the perfect vacation outfit. We have a few gorgeous maxi dresses in stock that you can wear as is or pair with coverups and t-shirts if you want to cover your arms!


A woman in a modest full-length maxi dress that is perfect for vacations.

Wear leggings under shorter dresses

If you have blouses or dresses that you’re not fully comfortable with, pair them with your favorite leggings. You’ll find plenty of leggings in different prints and colors on our website that you can wear all through your vacation, be it for casual walks and strolls, in the water, or chilling around the resort.


Check out long leggings here and order away!


Opt for looser tunics and tops over tight ones

Tunics and looser blouses should be a vacation staple for you because of how flattering yet modest they are. You can easily wear them with jeans, pants, or leggings without worrying about them being too tight, revealing, or just uncomfortable for you. In fact, tunics are a bit of a vacation staple anyway, so who wouldn’t mind that laid-back chill vibe, especially at the beach?


Shop for the most incredible range of dresses, tunics, shirts, and much more through our affordable women’s clothing store. We’re bringing you the perfect selection of cotton resort wear, casual floral dresses, and so much more that you’ll love to wear on vacation. You can count on the quality and price to remain accessible, affordable, and dependable—not to mention the incredibly cute and trendy designs!


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