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2020 was a quiet year for fashion but the trends are back with a bang in 2021. Designers are finding new ways such as virtual showcases and online fashion shows to unveil their latest collections. Vacation wear, in particular, is gaining massive popularity as a large percentage of the population is planning summer getaways after a tough year of lockdowns and restrictions due to the pandemic.

A woman enjoying a dip in the ocean on her summer vacation

Here are some of the best vacation wear trends that you need to keep an eye out for:

Black Face Masks

While the infection rates are coming down slowly but steadily, wearing face masks is still mandatory in all public areas to ensure safety. Some people are still apprehensive about wearing masks, many others are embracing it by adding their own personal touch to their masks. Black face masks are currently the most popular form of face covering for people heading on vacation as the sleek black fabric matches almost any outfit and any look!

Pastel Tones

Another vacation wear trend that is poised to dominate the fashion industry this year is pastel tones. The soft and muted colors are perfect for summer vacations and they look good with almost all types of skin tones and colors. Whether you choose to wear knit tops, skirts, or palazzo pants, select soft and buttery hues to elevate your overall aesthetic and look chic while staying cool on your summer vacation.

A woman wearing a gorgeous tunic dress while on a vacation

Cotton Summer Dresses

Summer dresses have been a common vacation wear trend and they continue to be a popular choice for vacation wear in 2021. Tunic dresses are all the rage this season as they are extremely practical, stylish, and come in a range of prints and colors from soft pastels to bold and vibrant patterns. You can also wear them with pants for a more modest look or rock one on itself for a sexy yet elegant look.

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